Welcome to the Hour of NODE!

You can learn how to program Turtles in a fun game. Click on the Hour of NODE link to get started!


  • The goal of the Hour of NODE game is to teach you to program the turtles to find the exit from the maze.
  • The Turtle will bump off of walls, logs, and the boundaries of the playing field.
  • You program the Turtle by adding Action bricks in the “Run” program code area.  The program in the Run program code area will continue to run and repeat itself until the turtle reaches the exit.
  • You program the Turtle to react to logs and edges, or boundaries, by adding Action bricks to the “Bump” program code area.  In computer science terms, this is called an event handler.  Having the Turtle bump into an obstacles, such as a log, causes an event to occur.

There are 9 programming levels in the game tutorial.  The instructions are given in the Hour of NODE status window.  “Solve” each program level until level 9 is reached.

Have questions? Check out our Help page or contact us here.

For Parents:

The Hour of NODE website allows your child to program the Turtle through a complex maze using the TurtleLingo programming language.  No previous programming experience is required.  The first lesson, Introduction to Turtles, will teach your child to program the Turtle to perform a complex task.  The second lesson, Programming Turtle Games, teaches her how to program his or her own Turtle game.  Your child will learn the four step software development process of Design, Develop, Debug, and Deploy.


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