The Hour of NODE uses a brand new language, TurtleLingo, to teach students the rudiments of event-driven programming and abstractions at the website. We invite you to download the code and help us to improve it. We use Reactive Coffee Script and Node.js to develop this fun, interactive game to teach students how to program. TurtleLingo can also be used to design, develop, debug, and deploy new games as well.

How can I hack with Hour of NODE?

What is it?

  • A “Hackable” Hour of Code tutorial alternative
  • A complete programming environment: IDE, TurtleLingo language, game engine and runtime
  • So far it’s 1000 lines of Reactive Coffeescript that was coded in about one month
  • Designed from scratch for kids from 7 to 77

What are the requirements to use it?

  • Hour of NODE runs on any modern tablet or browser

Where can I find the code?

  • Click here to find the code

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