SP/CD: Social Product/Character Development

At The Swan Factory, we believe that collaborative design is the capstone skill of education in the third millennium.  Learning how to come together and work through differences to bring something new into the world is essential:

  • Professionally, so students can continually reinvent themselves and their careers as the twentieth-century “job” becomes increasingly irrelevant
  • Personally, as the foundation for healthy marriages, parenting, households, and relationships
  • Socially, to address the challenges of diversity, inequality, and political polarization

To nurture that skill, we have a developed a methodology called Social Product/Character Development, or SP/CD (sometimes pronounced “spy-kid”).

SEFS LogoSP/CD is the basis of Social Entrepreneurship for Students, an after school-program built around:

The SEFS logo reflects the interplay of:

  • Social Product Development, where teams learn how to build something that makes the world a better place
  • Social Character Development, where individuals develop the emotional maturity necessary to function as a high-performance team

We are building a team of educators, entrepreneurs, and activists to bring this vision to life. If you are interested in joining us on this journey, please drop us a note.

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