Our Swan Song

As of December 19th The Swan Factory has suspended work on the Hour of NODE so we can focus on finding paying clients.  The project may be in hibernation, but our dream is not dead.

The Swan Song

Daniel Ma, 12/16/2014

Who knows how high, how deep, how wide is love
Who understands how deep the healing runs
What failure will we bring He will not crush
Beneath the weight of perfect cleansing blood

Hold fast my soul, know the LORD, He is God
Hold fast my heart, through the water and the flood
For no height nor depth nor snare
No shame, shadow, or care
Can compare with His unfailing love

What trials and temptations shall we bear
What great and stormy waters shall we dare
What fear shall be bestowed upon our hearts
What triumph song we sing when we are loved

Flesh and bones make battle on the plain
Though our bodies fall we rise again
We are held again to stand up tall
Known not by our sins but Jesus’ love

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