Hour of NODE v1.0: The Hackable Alternative to the Hour of Code

Help The Swan Factory Make Programming Accessible to Everyone

SANTA CLARA, California — December 10, 2014 —As part of CS Education Week 2014, The Swan Factory, Inc. is excited to release version 1.0 of Hour of NODE, the first step in our mission of bringing programming to all of humanity via meaningful experiences.

Unlike traditional Hour of Code tutorials, the Hour of NODE:

Our ultimate goal is to use cutting-edge thinking about learning, software, and participation to turn programming from an arcane art into an ubiquitous competency, like writing.  Not everyone can (or should) be Shakespeare, but anyone can write a poem that expresses how they feel.  In the same way, we imagine a world where everyone feels comfortable acquiring just enough programming skills to solve the problems they care about.

To that end, we are looking for programmers, designers, translators, advocates, and investors to help us make the Hour of NODE the world’s most accessible and comprehensive introduction to real-world programming.

Our immediate goals are:

  • Improving the design to work better for students with different learning styles
  • Translating the tutorial into all the world’s major languages
  • Ensuring full accessibility for the visually impaired

The Hour of NODE uses innovative document-based programming techniques to make it easier for first-time developers to contribute.  Please join us in creating a more humane future for the software industry.

Press Contact:

Ernest N. Prabhakar, Ph.D.
Founder/Chief Steward, The Swan Factory, Inc.
+1 (408) 300-5811

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