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A Hybrid-Fuzzy Logic Guided Genetic Algorithm H-FLGA.

Application of Fuzzy Inference Systems and Genetic Algorithm in Integrated Process Planning and Scheduling. driven approach to resource allocation where that data can be imprecise. Jun 14, 2016 · Fuzzy Resource Constraint Project Scheduling Problem Using CBO and CSS Algorithms. Authors; Authors and affiliations. Naraki MR 2015 CBO and CSS algorithms for resource allocation and time-cost trade-off. Period Polytech. 2007 Resource allocation by genetic algorithm with fuzzy inference. Expert Syst Appl 33:1025–1035 CrossRef. The simulation exhibits ED performance with various resource allocations and trains the metamodel. The metamodel is created with an ensemble of the adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system ANFIS, feedforward neural network FFNN and recurrent neural network RNN using the adaptive boosting AdaBoost ensemble algorithm. Jul 30, 2019 · Hence, this paper introduces an algorithm of an energy efficient Multidecisive Fuzzy-based Resource AllocationEEMFRA for both HUP and HOP state detection based on a threshold value strategy[10], which is nothing but a maximum or minimum CPU utilization percentage value which can be maintained as either static or dynamic. resource allocation. The tradeoff is achieved between energy consumed and performance levels. The hybrid job scheduling algorithm which involves genetic algorithm and fuzzy logic is presented in [1, 14]. The fuzzy logic is used here to reduce the number of iterations. Fuzzy rule base, inference engine, and a de-Fuzzifier. Fuzzification.

Dynamic Resource Allocation algorithms for container-based service computing container technologies. container;. NSCD, where a Fuzzy Inference SystemFIS is applied to dynamically predict the most proper node server where the selected containers will be deployed. Genetic Algorithm for mulit-Objective Optimization of containers. CHAPTER 8 DYNAMIC RESOURCE ALLOCATION IN GRID COMPUTING USING FUZZY-GENETIC ALGORITHM The main aspiration of Grid Computing is to aggregate the maximum available idle computing power of the distributed resources, and provide well-organized services to users. An efficient grid resource allocation. The proposed model uses both a genetic algorithm to find the best priority sequence of customer orders for resource allocation and, in accordance with the priority sequence of orders, a fuzzy-inference model to allocate the resources and to determine the order-completion times. depends on the automatic real-time allocation of various resources. A fuzzy logic algorithm has been developed that automatically allocates electronic attack EA resources in real-time. The particular approach to fuzzy logic that will be used is the fuzzy decision tree, a. Mar 24, 2017 · We introduce a schedule algorithm based on fuzzy inference system FIS, for global container resource allocation by evaluating nodes' statuses using FIS. We present the approaches to build containerized test environment and validates the effectiveness of the resource allocation policies by running sample use cases.

[12-18], etc. During this step, the genetic algorithm based optimization is used to mine parameters from the database. These parameters allow the fuzzy decision tree to form optimal conclusions about resource allocation. In the third and final step of the data mining operation, the RM’s decisions are analyzed by a domain expert to determine. works that are basically a specific application of fuzzy logic in allocation resource problems. 3. Our Solution. In this section, we present our distributed resource allocation algorithm which exploits fuzzy logic. We consider a set of N servers S 1, S 2,S n. Each S i server provides m i resources. A client is connected to a server. The.

Genetic algorithm based hybrid approach to solve fuzzy multi‑objective assignment problem using exponential membership function. resource allocation. Fuzzy multi‑objective assignment problem formulation The main characteristics and assumptions of the FMOAP are as follows: 1 Each duty. for a multi-objective resource allocation problem, the student project allocation SPA problem, is presented. The proposed algorithm employs a fuzzy inference system to model and aggregate the objectives, assuming the role of the fitness function in the evolutionary algorithm. A Genetic Algorithm GA is used to search for the best.

A peculiar RASA algorithm is discussed at [12] is the blend of the Max-Min and Min-Min algorithm reduces the execution time by efficient resource allocation for tasks. A study based on the problem of making use of the flexibility in task assignment to enhance load balancing is discussed in [13]. Development of Hybrid Simulation and Genetic Algorithms System for Solving Complex Crew Allocation Problems Ammar Al-Bazi, Nashwan Dawood, & Zafar Khan School of Science and Technology University of Teesside, Middlesbrough, TS1 3BA, UK ABSTRACT: This paper presents an innovative approach to solving complex crew allocation problems in any labour-intensive industry. Dynamic Resource Allocation Algorithm Using Containers Akshay Patil1, Hrishikesh Jadhav2, Swaraj Mankar3,. NSCD, where a Fuzzy Inference System FIS is applied to dynamically predict the most proper node server where the selected containers will be deployed. This algorithm is used for better utilization of resources and reduction in the.

OPTIMAL ALLOCATION OF DISTRIBUTED RESOURCES USING FUZZY LOGIC AND A GENETIC ALGORITHM 1. INTRODUCTION Modem naval battle forces generally include many different platforms each with its own sensors, radar, ESM, and communications. The sharing of information measured by local sensors via.allocation based on modified genetic algorithm GA and was proposed in which overall transmit power was particle swarm optimization PSO for multiuser OFDM minimized under user constraint [16]. A subcarrier-chunk system was proposed by [8]. Genetic algorithm has based technique in which resource allocation problem for.In the paper, a heuristic genetic algorithm for solving resource allocation problems is proposed. The resource allocation problems are to allocate resources to activities so that the fitness becomes as optimal as possible. The objective of this paper is to develop an efficient algorithm to solve resource allocation problems encountered in practice.
  1. Nov 01, 2007 · Resource allocation by genetic algorithm with fuzzy inference The purpose of this study is to develop an intelligent resource allocation model using genetic algorithm and fuzzy inference for reducing lateness of orders with specific due dates.
  2. A Hybrid-Fuzzy Logic Guided Genetic Algorithm H-FLGA Approach for Resource Optimization in 5G VANETs Abstract: To support diversified quality of service demands and dynamic resource requirements of users in 5G driven VANETs, network resources need flexible and scalable resource allocation.
  3. A Hybrid Fuzzy Evolutionary Algorithm for A Multi-Objective Resource Allocation Problem Lily Rachmawati Dipti Srinivasan Department of Electrical and Computer Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Engineering National University of Singapore National University of Singapore Abstract In this paper we propose a hybrid Fuzzy EA algorithm.

Optimal Allocation of Distributed Resources Using Fuzzy.

May 10, 2016 · This paper presents the problem formulation, development, and use of a robust dynamic genetic algorithm GA for channel allocation in cognitive radio. This approach offers an efficient way to access available spectrum for both primary and secondary users. The proposed dynamic genetic algorithms based on the new sophisticated crossover and mutation operators ensure the validity of. Journal Paper ♣ Corresponding author 1. Wang K.-J.♣ and Chen M.-J. 2008 Cooperative capacity planning and resource allocation by mutual outsourcing using ant algorithm in a decentralized supply chain, Expert Systems With Applications, to appear in 404, accepted. SCI 2.

Fuzzy Mathematical Model for Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing Environment Anita Prakash Patil Dr. Haresh Chaudhari. The NS2 simulator based genetic algorithm is used to find the approximate solutions during the. fuzzy logic. Here, inference rules are constructed and “fired” for reasoning process characterized by complex-valued. A crucial aspect of the resource allocation problem in cellular data networks is the admission control AC. We propose a new session admission control algorithm that overcomes most of the difficulties encountered by the existing AC algorithms. The novelty of our approach is the use of fuzzy logic fuzzy inference for the AC. To receive news and publication updates for Journal of Control Science and Engineering, enter your email address in the box below. This characteristic needs resource scheduling method to consider resource allocation overall. Meanwhile, based on the experiment results and control experience, we modified the basic fuzzy inference algorithm. Jun 19, 2015 · Cognitive radios are expected to play a major role towards meeting the exploding traffic demand over wireless systems. A cognitive radio node senses the environment, analyzes the outdoor parameters, and then makes decisions for dynamic time-frequency-space resource allocation and management to improve the utilization of the radio spectrum. For efficient real-time process, the.

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