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Patent Buddy is the world's most extensive database and networking website for patent attorneys, agents and inventors helping inventors like CONSTRUCTION SPECIALTIES, INC. showcase inventions and connect to patent attorneys, patent agents, law firms, corporations, universities, and government agencies in the United States. Ed and Mary Ellen Hallock established Construction Specialties in Newark, NJ, as a manufacturer’s representative firm. The business they started has become a global leader in architectural and engineered products.

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This is the first patent assigned to Mead Specialties, which made the first narrow-belt sander. Theodore Mead's belt sander patent is patent 2,313,254. 3,555,966: Jan. 19, 1971: Air cylinder with pilot valve in head: Ignazio James Coniglio: Chicago, IL: This is the last patent assigned to Mead Specialties, which made the first narrow-belt sander.

2008-08-15 Application filed by Tomarco Contractor Specialties Inc filed Critical Tomarco Contractor Specialties Inc 2008-08-15 Priority to US12/192,811 priority patent/US7575139B2/en 2008-09-10 Assigned to TOMARCO CONTRACTOR SPECIALTIES, INC. reassignment TOMARCO CONTRACTOR SPECIALTIES, INC. ASSIGNMENT OF ASSIGNORS INTEREST SEE DOCUMENT FOR. Abstract.A method for producing a high yield explosion without radioactive fallout comprising filling an expendible structure with an explosive mixture of a combustible gas e.g. methane and an oxidizer gas e.g. oxygen and then detonating said mixture. Feb 27, 1973 · The aforementioned patent applications relate broadly to improvements in the protection of wall surfaces subject to abuse by describing, in general, protectors which are constructed of tough, resilient materials capable of absorbing substantial shocks and impacts without deterioration. What should the costs be assigned to each Patent 480000,320000,160000 The City of San Martin gave a parcel of land to the Canova Company as part of an agreement requiring Canova to construct its office building on the donated land.

Acrovyn®.Wave good-bye to damage and say hello to stunning environments with a creative palette of designer colors, simulated patterns and custom imagery to best suit your creative vision. Acrovyn wall protection, wall covering, wall panels and door products are designed to integrate seamlessly for the complete stunning interior. Jun 14, 1977 · One form of removable carpet strip and companion rail tread surface construction is described in U.S. Pat. No. 3,783,471 which issued Jan. 8, 1974 and is assigned to the assignee of the present application. This form of tread surface is preferred for the significant advantages of installation and use described in the patent.

Ed Hallock, the founder of Construction Specialties, was on the first commercial flight from the U.S. to China after Richard Nixon's historic trip to open the Bamboo Curtain in 1972. CS became a global organization to provide local customer service and technical expertise.

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