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This page has had only minimal human input, containing primarily bot-generated or templated information. If you have any information about this NPC, please feel free to start filling in this page. To learn more about the NPC format, see NPC Layout. Once a basic description has been added, this template should be removed. Side Quests are quests which do not form a major part of the storyline of a particular zone.You may find side quests at settlements and other points of interest, or come across them out in the wilderness. An alphabetical listing of all side quests can be found in the category.

Scar's Edge is a group boss site found in Northern Elsweyr.It is located west of Rimmen, on the edge of the Scar.A copy of Senche-rahts: Not Just Mounts can be found in the ruins across from the location's boss, Thannar the Graveprowler. Consume is a card effect that can be found on Creatures in The Elder Scrolls Legends that first appeared in the Moons of Elsweyr expansion. When a card is. This page is currently being rewritten as part of the Online Quest Project. The page is being both written and checked. All users are welcome to make changes to the page. If you make a change that is relevant to the project, please update this template accordingly, and make sure you. This page is currently being rewritten as part of the Morrowind Overhaul Project. The page is being rewritten and checked in several stages. If you make an addition to this page, please update this template accordingly, but make sure you have observed the project guidelines. This article could benefit from an image. See Help:Images for information on how to upload images. Please remove this template from the page when finished.

Unofficial Elder Scrolls Online Game Clocks. Game Time. Universal Time. Eastern Time. Central Time. Mountain Time. Pacific Time. Alaska Time. Australia Time. Central European Time. Hosted by the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages. Contact Dave for more information on this page. UESP:Elder Scrolls Online Map. Goto Wiki Page; Link; Reset; Map Key; Help; Discuss; UESP Home.

Related Quests []. Order of the New Moon: Infiltrate the Order of the New Moon and learn more about their intentions.; Quest-Related Events []. Upon approaching the entrance to the Black Kiergo, you overhear a conversation between Caska and the bouncer. This section lists all known names for the various races featured in the Elder Scrolls series. Due to the number of names for playable races, each of these has its own page. All of the other races have their names listed here. Names are organized by type, source, and frequency.

A Hero or Heroine is a mortal blessed and cursed, from another point of view with a special fate and the ability to rule their own destiny. Heroes are closely related to the prophecies revealed in the Elder Scrolls, but are not bound by them.They often grow to become far. The UESPWiki – Your source for The Elder Scrolls since 1995 < Help. Creating links to other pages is a key part of creating a complete and well-formatted wiki page. A well-linked page permits readers to easily access other topics that they may be interested in learning more about, and encourages readers to continue to explore the site. Hackwings are described as both large birds and flying lizards with saw-like beaks, both expressions which are often interchanged. They travel in large flocks and have the tendency to swarm when they feel threatened. They strike quickly in an attempt to wound or knock down their prey.

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