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Summary Lennie is by the deep pool of the Salinas River, waiting for George. He talks to himself, repeating that George will be mad and give him hell. From his memory, he creates his Aunt Clara, who stares disapprovingly and scolds him because once again he did not listen to George. In Of Mice and Men, both chapters 1 and 6 begin with descriptions of the landscape of the Salinas River. In Chapter 1, it is evening; in Chapter 2, it is afternoon. The novel ends where it began.

In Chapter 6, the story ends where it began, but the values of the setting have changed. Instead of a place of sanctuary, the pool is now a place of death. Instead of the rabbits playing in the brush, the heron is swallowing the little snake whole. Instead of green leaves and a gentle breeze, there are brown, dying leaves and a gush of wind. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. Chapter 6 Summary pages 99-107 Lennie appears from the brush near the Salinas River bank. Although George is not there, Lennie speaks to him; he is proud of himself for remembering their secret hiding spot. As he waits for George, he recalls his Aunt Clara, who speaks to him in his voice telling him that he. Of Mice and Men Part 6 Summary & Analysis.Hiding in the brush by the river, Lennie has a vision of his Aunt Clara, who tells him George would have had a much easier life without him. Lennie then has a hallucination of a giant rabbit, which tells him George will abandon him. In Chapter 6, Steinbeck completes his development of the themes of entrapment, loneliness and friendship, and the dream. Lennie hides out at the tranquil pool, just as George told him to. When George arrives, Lennie is surprised that his friend is not following his usual behavior by scolding him. of mice and men chapter 6 summary by Brandon Watson The section starts at the riverbed. Lennie is waiting there for George. Lennie starts seeing things and they tell him how George is disappointed with him. George comes back and Lennie offers to go live in a cave but George tells.

Jan 24, 2019 · Chapter 6 Lennie sits by the river, waiting for George and worrying about how he might react. He begins to hallucinate; first, he imagines that he is talking to his Aunt Clara, then, he imagines a conversation with a giant rabbit. This chapter starts with the description of George and Lennies’ new living residence on the farm. They meet an old man who informs them that the boss is mad that they had not arrived last night and he had to send a team out with two men short. This old man has one hand cut off and has the permanent job of sweeping the grounds.

Summary. The next day, Lennie and George make their way to the ranch bunkhouse, where they are greeted by Candy, an aging “swamper,” or handyman, who has lost his right hand. The bunkhouse is an unadorned building where the men sleep on “burlap ticking” and keep their few possessions in apple boxes that have been nailed to the walls. Get an answer for 'What is a summary of chapter 5 and 6 of Of Mice and Men?' and find homework help for other Of Mice and Men questions at eNotes.

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