Interaction Of Perfluorooctanoic Acid With Human Serum Albumin 2020 ::

Characterization of the interactions of PFOA with HSA.For example, less than pH 3.0 in gastric fluid, pH 6.0 in liver and saliva, pH 4.0 – 5.0 on the skin and around pH 7.40 in blood and intestinal tract. Normal human temperature is 37°C and the electrolyte concentration is between 0.8 and 0.9% approximately 0.15 M. Human serum albumin HSA is an abundant plasma protein that is responsible for the transport of fatty acids. HSA also binds and perturbs the pharmacokinetics of a wide range of drug compounds. May 14, 2009 · Human serum albumin HSA is the major protein component of blood plasma and is called a multifunctional plasma carrier protein because of its ability to bind an unusually broad spectrum of ligands. The interaction of PFOA with HSA was investigated in the normal physiological condition by equilibrium dialysis, fluorospectrometry, isothermal titration calorimetry ITC and circular dichroism.

perfluorooctanoic acid will effect a precipitation of human serum albumin and to describe in detail the interaction between these two reactants. Human serum albumin was used because of its unusual properties in bind- ing a variety of ions. Materials. Human serum albumin HSA is a major protein component of blood plasma but is also found in the interstitial fluid of body tissues. In mammals, albumin is synthesized by the liver and has a half-life of 19 days in the circulation. It is the major contributor to the oncotic pressure of the blood plasma. The binding information of perfluorooctanoic acid PFOA and perfluorooctanesulfonic acid PFOS with bovine and human serum albumins was investigated and characterized in details by using a combination method of electrospray ionization mass spectrometry ESI-MS, fluorescence, circular dichroism CD and molecular docking MD. Potential protein toxicity of synthetic pigments, binding of poncean S to human serum albumin. 2004. SRW: Methyl parathion interaction with human and bovine serum albumin. Structure and energies of the binding sites of perfluorooctanoic acid PFOA and perfluorooctane sulfonate PFOS to human serum albumin HSA were determined through molecular modeling. The calculations consisted of a compound approach based on docking, followed by molecular dynamics simulations and by the estimation of the free binding energies adopting WHAM-umbrella sampling and.

role of the anionic group in the interaction of fatty acids with serum albumin. For this we have esterified straight-chain aliphatic dicarboxylic acids with poly- ethylene glycol to obtain derivatives with an anionic group in the terminal position of the polymer-bound hydrocarbon chain. The effect of these derivatives on the partition of human serum albumin has been. However, until now, the mechanism of interactions of A. sinensis and warfarin was not clear and little attention has been paid to the effect of ferulic acid on warfarin binding with human serum albumin HSA. HSA is the most abundant protein constituent of blood plasma and.

In this investigation, we explored the toxic effects of perfluorodecanoic acid PFDA on human serum albumin HSA, established the interaction mode of PFDA with HSA, and provided a new strategy for the evaluation of toxicity of PFDA on functional proteins. The binding of PFDA and HSA forms a.

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