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Chemical oxidation of hexachlorocyclohexanes HCHs in.

An equal volume of ethyl acetate was mixed with each suspension to extract the solution that was used for the analysis of γ-HCH degradation with a Shimadzu. Lett. 257:243-252. 8. Cloning and characterization of lin genes responsible for the degradation of hexachlorocyclohexane isomers by Sphingomonas paucimobilis strain B90. The contamination of the area by these two isomers is a cause of concern because of their toxic nature Willett et al. 1998 and being classified as human carcinogenic α-isomer and oestrogenic β-isomer agents. Detection of HCH isomers in ground water drawn at a depth of 10 m can be explained by the leaching of HCH isomers. Apr 01, 2014 · Chemical oxidation of hexachlorocyclohexanes HCHs was evaluated in i artificially spiked sand with HCH isomers α, β, γ and δ and ii contaminated soil sampled from a former gravel pit backfilled with wastes of lindane γ-HCH. Hexabromocyclododecanes HBCDs are brominated aliphatic cyclic hydrocarbons used as flame retardants in thermal insulation building materials, upholstery textiles, and electronics. As a result of their widespread use and their physical and chemical properties, HBCDs are now ubiquitous contaminants in the environment and humans. This review summarizes HBCD concentrations in several.

Table 4: Protective Action Criteria PAC Rev 24A in mass per unit volume mg/m3, based on applicable AEGLs, ERPGs, or TEELs Chemicals listed in alphabetical order PAC Rev 24A – May 2009. Substantially Enhanced Degradation of Hexachlorocyclohexane Isomers by a Microbial Consortium on Acclimation Article in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 582:1046-54 · January 2010. The effect of distribution processes on the isomeric composition of hexachlorocyclohexane in a contaminated riverine system. Between November 1997 and February 1998, air and water samples were collected on the African side of the South Atlantic Ocean to Antarctica, on board the S.A. Agulhas, to determine the spatial distribution of α-hexachlorocyclohexane α-HCH and the net direction of air/water gas exchange.The α-HCH concentrations in air and surface water were much lower than in Arctic regions, consistent. Dec 12, 2007 · Rhizosphere microbial community and hexachlorocyclohexane degradative potential in contrasting plant species. Joner EJ, Leyval C 2003 Rhizospheric degradation of phenanthrene is a function of proximity to roots. Plant Soil 257:143–150 CrossRef. Gupta SK, Garg SK, Kumar A 2006 Biodegradation of hexachlorocyclohexane-isomers in.

Air–water gas exchange of α-hexachlorocyclohexane.

Table 2Protective Action Criteria PAC Rev 22B based on.

This review describes the biodegradation of Lindane γ-hexachlorocyclohexane, γ-HCH from the diverse sources. Environmental degradation of γ-HCH has been described in terms of integrated biological approaches such as metagenomics, cloning, phytoremediation, nanobiodegradation, and biosrfactants, genes and enzymes responsible for γ-HCH degradation and exploration of new strains. Appendix A Halogenated Solvents List Reference Manual 021002 clean.doc. Appendix A Halogenated Solvent List. 156-60-5 1.257. under Lindane and Other Hexachlorocyclohexane Isomers R2 146 58-89-9 Lindane under Lindane and Other Hexachlorocyclohexane Isomers R 2146. In the last few decades, highly toxic organic compounds like the organochlorine pesticide OP hexachlorocyclohexane HCH have been released into the environment. All HCH isomers are acutely toxic to mammals. Although nowadays its use is restricted or completely banned in most countries, it continues posing serious environmental and health concerns. Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act CERCLA Chemicals EPA developed the list of CERCLA hazardous substances reported to the TRI by comparing the list of chemicals at 40 CFR 302.4 i.e., "Designation of Hazardous Substances" to the TRI list of reportable toxic chemicals for reporting years 1987 through 2011.

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