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Glycerol: 9 mL: 1 M Tris-Cl pH 8.0 1 mL: n-Propyl gallate 0.05 g: Heat to 60ºC for 10-15 min or microwave for 5-10 sec to dissolve. Store in the dark at -20ºC. nPG n-propyl gallate Antifade Mounting Media. Preparation: In a 50 ml falcon tube, add: 5 ml of 0.2 M TRIS, pH 8.5 43 ml glycerol check for autofluorescence first! 2.5 g n-propyl gallate Wrap tube completely in foil to protect from light Mix on stirrer until dissolved overnight Store at 4C Use: Do Final wash in pH 8 to pH 8.5 buffer.

Recipe for Anti-fade Mounting Medium.Note: n-propyl gallate does not dissolve well in water-based solutions. • Thoroughly mix 1 part of 10X PBS with 9 parts of glycerol ACS grade 99-100% purity and slowly add 0.1 part 20% n-propyl gallate dropwise with rapid stirring.</plaintext> We are pleased to welcome you to our new website. As a thank you for your continued customer loyalty, all newly registered accounts will receive a complimentary 5% discount. Mounting medium can be made with 9 parts of glycerol and 1 part PBS. The pH should be adjusted to between 8.5 and 9.0. This pH has been found to be optimal by many investigators in preventing fluorescein and rhodamine quenching. pH's above and below.</p> <p>0.5% N-propyl gallate. This stuff helps prevent photobleaching. 50-90% Glycerol. Glycerol raises the refractive index of the mounting media, so you’ll get brighter and higher resolution images. The higher the glycerol concentration, the better the fluorescence image but the worse the DIC Nomarski image. Antifade mounting medium recipe Ingredients: 10X PBS stock solution Glycerol Dimethyl sulfoxide DMSO n-propyl gallate NPG, Sigma P3130 Directions: 1 Prepare a stock solution of 20%w/v NPG in DMSO. 2 Mix 1 part of 10X PBS with 9 parts of glycerol. 3 Slowly add 0.1 part 20% NPG stock solution dropwise with rapid stirring. Polyvinyl alcohol mounting medium with NPG, antifading pH 8.5-8.9; Synonym: PVA-NPG; find Supelco-10979 MSDS, related peer-reviewed papers, technical documents, similar products & more at Sigma-Aldrich. Embedding and Mounting Media,. aminom ethane hydrochloride, polyvinyl alcohol 22000, glycerol, and propyl gallate Safety & Documentation.</p> <p>Polyvinylpyrrolidone PVP medium.This mounting medium is more runny than glycerol jelly or Apathy's. It is very easy to apply, and not prone to bubbles. The refractive index is 1.46 Pearse, 1968, but increases as the water evaporates at the edges of the. The mounting medium and the immersion medium should be matched within 0.01–0.05 B. Foster, 2003, CLA ideally to three decimal places J. Pawley, 1997, CLA. For I5M microscopy, Gustafsson et al. mounted the sample in a mixture of ≈ 53% benzyl alcohol, 45% glycerol and 2% N-propyl gallate by weight, to have the. EMS Glycerol Mounting Medium. This mounting medium is made with glycerol. It is excellent for preserving thick sections that can not be mounted with mounting medium or fresh frozen tissues that contain a lot of lipids, e.g. brain tissue. It is also useful for preserving small embryos. 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