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Soldered Joints: Assembly and Support. Insert the tube end into fitting cup, making sure that the tube is seated against the base of the fitting cup Figure 7.11. A slight twisting motion ensures even coverage by the flux. Remove excess flux from the exterior of the joint with a cotton rag Figure 7.12. The American Welding Society defines soldering as "a group of joining processes that produce coalescence of materials by heating them to a soldering temperature and by using a filler metal solder having a liquidus not exceeding 840°F and below the solidus of the base metals." In actual practice, most soldering is done at temperatures from about 350°F to 600°F. Soldered Joints: Cooling and Cleaning Allow the completed joint to cool naturally. Shock cooling with water may stress the joint. When cool, clean off any remaining flux residue with a wet rag Figure 7.17.Whenever possible, based on end use, completed systems should be flushed to. Soldered Joints: Applying Flux Use a flux that will dissolve and remove traces of oxide from the cleaned surfaces to be joined, protect the cleaned surfaces from reoxidation during heating, and promote wetting of the surfaces by the solder metal, as recommended in the general requirements of ASTM B 813. Soldered Joints: Reaming Ream all cut tube ends to the full inside diameter of the tube to remove the small burr created by the cutting operation. If this rough, inside edge is not removed by reaming, erosion-corrosion may occur due to local turbulence and increased local flow velocity in the tube.

Heating. WARNING: When dealing with an open flame, high temperatures and flammable gases, safety precautions must be observed as described in ANSI/AWS Z49.1. Begin heating with the flame perpendicular to the tube Figure 7.18, position 1 and Figure 7.13.The copper tube conducts the initial heat into the fitting cup for even distribution of heat in the joint area. Soldered Joints: Applying Solder For joints in the horizontal position, start applying the solder metal slightly off-center at the bottom of the joint Figure 7.18, position a, and Figure 7.16.When the solder begins to melt from the heat of the tube and fitting, push the solder straight into the joint while keeping the torch at the base of the fitting and slightly ahead of the point of.

8 Long lasting copper tube is a favorite choice for plumbing, heating, cooling and other systems. In the United States, it is manufactured to meet the requirements of specifications. Choose from our selection of copper solder-joint tube fittings, including over 450 products in a wide range of styles and sizes. In stock and ready to ship. Jun 14, 2007 · Tim Carter, of go./NewsletterSignupNow, demonstrates newer copper fittings that have solder built into the actual fitting. Sign up NO.

Apr 12, 2014 · This is a video showing step by step on how to solder copper pipe for house hold plumbing. Also called "sweating copper pipe". HOW TO SOLDER COPPER PIPE FITTINGS WITHOUT SNOT - My plumber.

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