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Define autohypnosis. autohypnosis synonyms, autohypnosis pronunciation, autohypnosis translation, English dictionary definition of autohypnosis. n. 1. The act or process of hypnotizing oneself. 2. A self-induced hypnotic state. au′to·hyp·not′ic adj. n psychol the process or result of self-induced.
Autohypnosis definition is - self-induced and usually automatic hypnosis: self-hypnosis. 269-270, autohypnosis, "hypnotic evasion" in defense against the recollection of an experience of childhood hypnosis caused by over-stimulation.

Apr 07, 2013 · Psychology Definition of AUTOHYPNOSIS: n. a type of self-induced hypnosis. It may occur spontaneously or be intentionally achieved through training in autosuggestion. Definition of 'autohypnosis'.The compound tenses are a combination of present or past tense shown through an auxiliary verb with continuous or perfect aspect. See also Tense and. Find out information about autohypnosis. a process of suggestion in which the person unconsciously supplies or consciously attempts to supply the means of influencing his own behaviour or beliefs Explanation of autohypnosis. Autohypnosis definition, self-induced hypnosis or hypnotic state. See more.

Autohypnosis is a popular form of mental health self help.It is often referred to as self hypnosis, and/or creative visualization, meditation or dynamic meditation. Often confused with auto suggestion, it is also a form of self hypnosis or mind programming. This particular article serves as an introduction to the this segment of mind power techniques, and aims to give you some guidance on how. autohypnosis definition: the act of hypnotizing oneself or the state of being so hypnotized. Definition of autohypnosis in thedictionary. Meaning of autohypnosis. What does autohypnosis mean? Information and translations of autohypnosis in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. The official YouTube channel of Autohypnosis, the music project of Los Angeles artist Nathan Stack. Watch all the official music videos here.

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