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About the Artist and Author Author's Travelogues: Read about the Author's Travels Wilfrido M. Sy is a clinical Associate Professor in Radiology at the Weill Medical School, Cornell University, Chairman Emeritus in Nuclear Medicine. He is also the Director of Magnexx MRI Imaging Center in the Brooklyn Hospital Center Campus, Brooklyn, New York. Feng Shui, Craps and Superstitions is culled from the author’s personal experience in playing craps at various casinos in different countries, but mostly in Las Vegas for the last 40 years. The practice of the art of FENG SHUI is incorporated in this experience.

It represents a person of art, trained in music, dance, song, and conversation while the harlequin usually person who performs in court of yore akin to a court jester who is at the beckon of a king. He has been popularized additionally by Picasso in some of his Cubist pieces, The harlequin is usually male and the Geisha is usually a woman. The Artist and Author. About The Artist and Author; Media and Interviews; The Art. About the Art; The Gallery; A Series Of Combines 2017 Combines 2019; Buy the Art; The Books. Gamma Images in Benign and Metabolic Bone Disease 1980; Feng Shui, Craps and Superstitions 2004. About the Book; Preview the Book; Buy the Book on Amazon; Testimonials. FENG SHUI,CRAPS, and SUPERSTITIONS, to me, is a refreshing addition to this line of thinking. In his new publication, Wilfrido M. Sy, MD, offers unusual insights into the popular Eastern art, the Western dice game, and the universal practice. The book is delightful with its humorous accounts, and thought-provoking in its observations and reflections.

ARABIAN NIGHTS AND DAYS. Overview. If there is one word to describe Dubai, the word is eclectic. This eclecticism is derived from the diversity of nationals who reside in the city, its benevolent ruling monarchy which is unlike any other, its magnetism to attract international industry, trade and commerce; as well as its manifest acceptance of foreign culture and religion with no hint of. Feng Shui is Chinese in origin while the casino game of craps is American in design. For the first time in print, the author advocates the use of this Eastern approach to enhance the player’s chances of winning at casino craps. No book to date has addressed the influence and role of Feng Shui in craps or the subject of craps and Feng Shui together. Smart feng shui is always applied in a subtle way. After all, feng shui is energy work and energy is not limited to one specific expression. Explore the many ways you can empower yourself and your home, and do not hesitate to use symbols from various cultures in your feng shui work.

Feng Shui Your Art Studio For More Success.The Chinese turned it into an art form in Feng Shui – an ancient system of aesthetics believed to use the laws of both Heaven astronomy and Earth geography to help one improve life by receiving positive energy qi. Use beautiful art and photos to create good feng shui in your home or office.It has gentle and fragile vibrations that will soften the energy of any space, and the predominant black color, being of Yin quality, strengthens the feminine energy even more. Contrary to the popular belief about feng shui, an ideal feng shui space is not the Zen-looking serene space. The ideal feng shui space is the space that has the best feng shui energy to support a specific activity intended for that space.

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